Cougar-Cub Relationship


Welcome to the new age of cougar dating. This is nothing like what you had in the past. The new cougar dating has made a positive shift, and we are happy to embrace it and even give you a chance to experience it.

Modern cougars are different from the image you used to have about older women who love younger men. These ones are loving, smart, intelligent, wealthy and ready to spend. They are a unique breed of women who know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. These women don’t feel ashamed walking down the street with their cubs (sugar babies).

Everyone can be a cougar, if they so desire. There aren’t any specifics, just as there isn’t any hard and fast rules for sugar dating. As a matter of fact, the present reality shows that cougars can come from all walks of life. All it takes is the desire to date a younger man. It’s not hard to find a business executive, lawyer, soccer mom, community leader, or newly single women join the cougars wagon.

The major advantage cougars have over the people in traditional relationship is freedom. As a cougar, you have the freedom to choose who to date, when to date, and not just that, you’re at liberty to choose the terms of the relationship.  

Another advantage of cougar dating is that you get to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship based on certain laid out agreements. And unlike the traditional relationship, you don’t have to love the other person, which means you can always breakup at any time, and the break up won’t cause you heartbreak.

Without any doubt, becoming a cougar is the best decision you can make for your relationship life.

Is There Any Age Requirement?

Not at all! There are no rules in sugar dating. You set the rules yourself — that’s why this relationship is so different from traditional dating.  

As earlier mentioned, all you need is the will and desire to become a cougar. Age is just a number in the cougar world. Being in your 30s, 40s or 50s — or more — is not at all a deciding factor.  


“Cub” is an affectionate name used to refer to a younger man dating a hot older woman. Just as with a cougar, there are no specific age ranges for cubs. Some cubs could be 5 years younger than their cougars, some 20, and so on. All that matters is compatibility. Once the two are compatible in desires, and personal ambition, a sugar relationship can begin!